Paolo Buonvino

A Harmony of Images and Music


GoodLab Srl


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Paolo Buonvino is a musician and composer of film and tv soundtracks. His captivating music and ability to highlight key moments of the film are quickly making him one of the most highly sought-after Italian composers. He has collaborated with artists like Jovanotti, Negramaro, Carmen Consoli, Dolores O’Riordan and Skin. Madfarm were entrusted with the task of re-creating Paolo Buonvino’s website. There were two key areas to highlight; showcasing Paolo’s works, and also GoodLab Music – the first Italian workshop for images which aims to stimulate the musical creativity of young musicians and give them real opportunities to work, with the philospophy of sharing and enriching others.


The website presents the two aspects of Paolo Buonvino’s work; Paolo’s creative works for film and tv series, and also that of GoodLab Music – the workshop for stimulating the musical creativity and giving opportunities to young musical artists.





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