Tax management platform for flat-rate schemes


Quickfisco Srl


Quickfisco is an innovative solution for the management of accounting and taxation of VAT accounts.

Through a simple and reliable digital platform, Quickfisco automates the main tax processes, offering customers numerous innovative services necessary to maintain control of their accounting and tax situation.

What we did


We helped the Quickfisco team turn VAT tax management into an opportunity for all professionals and small businesses.

With a simple and reliable platform, we streamlined key tax processes, simplifying their clients’ lives and allowing them to focus on the activities that matter most to their business.

Key features of our project include complete accounting management, automatic generation of tax documents, constant monitoring of expenses and revenues, and the ability to query a tax and contribution forecast for the current and next year. All this is made possible by the state-of-the-art technologies we have adopted.

Our solution

To ensure maximum efficiency and reliability, we developed Quickfisco using a combination of state-of-the-art technologies.

We are proud to have managed the entire Quickfisco development cycle, from functional logic analysis to release on the AWS Cloud platform. Every member of the Madfarm team worked hard to make sure that Quickfisco would stand as a cutting-edge solution that would simplify their customers’ lives and improve their tax management.

For the backend, we used GoLang with BeeGo framework to ensure high performance and scalability. At the same time, we harnessed the power of Spring and Java to give even more robustness to some of the key microservices.

Quickfisco’s user interface was developed using React, thus ensuring an intuitive and consistent user experience across multiple platforms.

Finally, to ensure maximum security, reliability and scalability, we hosted the platform on AWS Cloud, taking advantage of the powerful resources of this cloud computing infrastructure.