The B2B app for product exchange between retail stores


Barter Srl


Barter is an innovative exchange platform designed to meet the needs of retail stores, enabling them to replenish their inventory in a balanced way, avoiding waste and unsold goods. With Barter, stores can place their products in a virtual warehouse and exchange goods with each other easily and effectively.


Barter revolutionizes warehouse management for retail stores, allowing them to optimize goods replenishment and prevent unsold items.

Through a few simple steps, users can view the shared virtual warehouse and request the products they need.

Thanks to an innovative system, shops can swiftly and effortlessly add their products to Barter’s network. Basta scansionare il codice a barre del prodotto e i dettagli essenziali vengono recuperati automaticamente da un database, come il brand, il modello, la descrizione e le immagini del prodotto. Questo consente di aggiungere istantaneamente nuovi articoli al magazzino virtuale di Barter, rendendo il processo di condivisione e scambio ancora più efficiente.

Our solution

We have implemented an innovative and highly efficient solution for managing retail store inventory through the Barter platform.

The standout feature of our solution is its user-friendliness. Shops can easily add new products to Barter’s network by scanning the barcode, which automatically fetches all necessary product information from a centralized database. This minimizes wastage of goods and optimally balances supply to the shops, thus avoiding stockouts and unsold items.

Furthermore, the administration panel provides a comprehensive interface for user, shop, and product management. This facilitates the control and administration of all project-related activities.

In the development of Barter, we used advanced technologies. The backend was built using BeeGo/GoLang, a powerful and flexible framework that ensures high performance and data security.

For the Admin interface, we opted for React, the popular JavaScript framework that enabled us to create a responsive and highly user-friendly web application. For the customer’s mobile version, we relied on React Native, which facilitated the creation of a smooth and high-performance cross-platform app.

Additionally, we chose to host our solution on the AWS cloud, leveraging the scalability and reliability of Amazon Web Services to ensure an optimal experience for Barter’s users.