The city at hand


Handy by Francesco Frusteri


Handy represents a breakthrough in the way people interact with pickup, delivery, and errand services in the city. It is an innovative platform that makes these processes easier, more efficient, and more accessible. With Handy, not only are products at your fingertips, but also all daily needs become more manageable thanks to the ability to delegate tasks such as document pickup or package delivery.


In today’s frenetic urban environment, the demands of picking up, delivering and running errands can be a challenge.

Handy was created specifically to solve this problem by offering a convenient and efficient alternative.
The company’s goal is to simplify urban logistics and improve people’s quality of life, allowing them to focus on what truly matters.

Thanks to the innovative technological solutions we have adopted, we have succeeded in creating a complete platform, from the booking to the execution of services, while guaranteeing a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Our solution

We implemented cutting-edge technology solutions to ensure a superior user experience and efficient management of the services offered.

We chose to rely on the Django framework, with Python programming language, for the behind-the-scenes part of the application. The use of Django allowed us to create a robust back-end system that reliably handles all the operations required by the platform. The flexibility of Python allowed us to quickly develop functionality and adapt it to the changing needs of the user.

In creating the user interface, we opted for Angular. This choice allowed us to build an interactive and engaging experience for users, enabling them to access Handy’s services from any connected device. Angular’s modular architecture simplified the integration of different parts of the application, ensuring consistency and smoothness in the user experience.

In addition to the web platform, we have created a dedicated mobile application that provides convenient and immediate access to Handy’s services. This step was key to adapting the platform to the needs of people on the move, enabling users to book and manage services wherever they are.

Finally, we have developed a customized administration panel, which allows administrators to monitor the progress of services, manage requests and resolve any problems in real time. This tool provides complete control and optimal management of the entire Handy ecosystem.